Tux – September 2022

Meet Tux! Tux is a cute little brown dachshund who came to us because he couldn’t walk on his hind legs. He belongs to Happy Tails Dachshund rescue and was given up because of his medical problems. At the time he presented to us, he was paralyzed and completely unable to use his hind legs. He still had pain sensation in his toes, which gave us hope. Surgery was considered, but because the resources of the rescue were unable to afford a $5,000 surgical procedure, we decided to treat him medically. Medical treatment involved steroids, pain medications, conscientious bladder care to prevent infections (his neurologic condition made him unable to urinate, too), and LOTS of tender loving care.

So why is Tux our POTM? It took a long time, and lots of work, but Tux has made a complete recovery. He is walking and enjoying life and will be up for adoption soon. Tux’s story underscores the dedication and love of Tux’s fosters and the rescue’s willingness to put in the effort for what could have easily been a lost cause. We are glad that they put in the effort because Tux is a really nice dog. And he’s cute, too, don’t you think?

I apologize for missing the POTM blog posts over the summer. Our practice has been picking up and I was busy, but was also just a little lazy. I promise to try to do better. Dr Carr

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