May 2022 — Shelby

Shelby is a 10 year old spayed female labrador. She came to see us when she wasn’t feeling well and her regular veterinarian couldn’t get her in. She was lethargic and vomiting and had an aural hematoma (an accumulation of blood in the flap of her ear) that was bothering her. She also has a very large mass on her right hip, which appears to be a lipoma (fatty tumor). We drained her hematoma several times (you can’t do it just once) and it has almost gone away. Blood tests revealed that she had diabetes, which her previous vet had failed to recognize. We have started treating her with insulin and she is now feeling much better. Shelby loves swimming and hiking “almost as she likes sleeping,” according to her owner. We are hoping to soon get her well enough to remove the tumor on her hip. We selected Shelby as our Pet of the Month because she is the sweetest dog and is always happy to see us. Her owners are really sweet, too. Congratulations Shelby, and welcome to DCPR.

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