October 2022 – Champ

Champ’s story is kinda sad and kinda awesome. Champ is an old guy, about 14 years old, who presented to us with a progressive lameness. Initially, radiographs were not too impressive; it looked like he had some arthritis in his elbow and we treated him that way, but he didn’t improve. He got worse. He was very painful, and would isolate himself from his family and the other dogs in the house. Repeat radiographs showed a large tumor in the bone of his elbow. Amputation was recommended, but because of his age, his owners, understandably, were reluctant. Eventually, it became clear that we would either have to amputate his leg or put Champ to sleep. His owners decided to amputate.

Champ never looked back. He recovered quickly and completely. He is now running around the house with his friends again and enjoying his evening walks. Champ is our Pet of the Month for two reasons: first, he shows the debilitating effects of chronic, severe pain and what happens when we relieve that pain, and second, that, to be just a little trite, love conquers all. Congratulations Champ! We are all glad you’re doing so well and wish for you many more happy years.

One thought on “October 2022 – Champ

  1. I love this story! Champ is a brave little guy & I’m so glad you were able to help him! God bless you and your caring staff!


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