April 2022

Meet Batman! Batman is a 14 year old Domestic shorthair cat who has had challenges with diabetes for a long time. When he was originally rescued by his owners, he had a reputation of being a villain; a tough guy. He was even accused by a neighbor of eating their chihuahua! After he was neutered, he stayed closer to home, although he still fought off advances from neighborhood cats, and even an owl!. As he got older, he developed diabetes, and problems with his vision secondary to the diabetes, and now lives the comfortable life of an indoor cat, getting cuddles and love.

Batman has had lots of challenges with his diabetes, like many diabetic cats, we have struggled to regulate his insulin levels, and have tried a variety of techniques to control his disease. We eventually settled on a combination of insulins which has finally seemed to do the trick. Congratulations, Batman, on being selected POTM!

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