March 2022

Meet Ra, our March Pet of the Month. Ra is a 6 year old BIG male Cane Corso. He is the descendant of champions. His owner, who is a former law enforcement officer, originally obtained Ra to be a protector of his family while he was away and Ra fulfills that mission, but as you can see, he is also a big love. He enjoys long walks, playing with the kids in the irrigation, and challenging the neighbor’s bull if he gets a chance.

So why is Ra our Pet of the Month? He presented because he was dripping blood from his penis. Examination revealed that his prostate gland was enlarged and painful and he was diagnosed with prostatitis. Antibiotics were prescribed and neutering was recommended. The owners had originally intended to breed Ra because of his champion blood lines, but when it was recommended that he be neutered to treat his disease, they did not hesitate. The surgery was performed, and Ra is now doing well. We selected him as our POTM not only because he is such a beautiful dog, but also because he demonstrates that neutering, even at an older age, has some rather dramatic health benefits. These benefits, though profound for male dogs, are even more important for females. Early spaying of female dogs can virtually eliminate the likelihood of their developing breast cancer later in life. Congratulations Ra! We’re glad you’re feeling better.

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