November 2021 Achilles

Meet Achilles.  He is a 6 year old neutered male Pit Bull who is our Pet of the Month for November. He is a very good boy who LOVES coming to the vet’s office. He is always wagging his tail (or even his whole back end). His is an interesting case. He originally presented for vomiting and workup revealed an apparent abdominal mass. Surgical exploration of his abdomen showed only mild pancreatitis. He developed complications post-surgically where he had difficulty walking and was unable to urinate. He was a very sick boy. He is still convalescing, but we expect him to fully recover. 

So why is Achilles our Pet of the Month? Achilles is a good example of optimistic medical care. He was sick enough that all of us considered putting him down at one point, but we persevered and he slowly recovered. Without that optimism on the part of his owner and us, and a willingness to keep trying, his outcome may have been significantly different. Though he is not completely well yet, he is slowly coming around, and we remain hopeful that his convalescence will continue. And in spite of all that he has been through, Achilles represents what we all love most about dogs: they are, unlike many people, eternally optimistic and happy. And we believe that that is a good reason to be recognized. 

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