Pet of the Month September 2021 Lily

Lily is our September Pet of the Month because she was our VERY FIRST PATIENT! Lily”s mom sent us this little bio.

Lily is a wonderful addition to our family. She has found her place among her sisters Luna and Ginny. She loves to play in water, chase balls but most of all loves to wrestle with her sisters.
Lily plays hard then sleeps deeply for long periods of time.
She is a kind, beautiful, healthy F1b goldendoodle who loves people.
She is still super young so chewing on anything she can get her mouth on is a favorite pastime. She enjoys ice and will lick and play with it until it’s gone then asks for more.
Lily has been a joyous addition to our family and we look forward to watching her grow.
Thank you Dr Carr for taking such great care of all of our pups

Lily is also important because she is a puppy, and we can learn a lot from puppies. Puppies require a lot of care. Nutrition is very important for puppies because, not only are they very active, but they are growing. They require a lot of energy from their food so a proper puppy food is vitally important for normal growth and development.

Puppies also require several visits to the vet for vaccination (they should receive three DHPP vaccines after 12 weeks old and one Rabies vaccine). Puppies should not be allowed access to places that lots of other dogs go so avoid dog parks, pet stores, or even places like Home Depot with your puppy until they have had all of their shots. Other vaccinations may be needed depending on your puppy’s lifestyle. It is also important to have your puppy checked for parasites by bringing in a fresh fecal sample at one of their visits. Puppies should be started on Heartworm prevention during one of these puppy visits. Spay and neuter is also important and should be scheduled at about 5-7 months of age. Puppies can get into trouble by eating things they shouldn’t so they should be supervised most of the time. Training and socialization are also vitally important to make sure your puppy is a good canine citizen. We can, and will, discuss all of these things with you during your puppy’s visits to our hospital.

If you have questions about how to care for your puppy or any of your other pets, please do not hesitate to contact us. We love puppies and want to help you care for yours.

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